Impact, Presence and Assertiveness

Who is it for:

Students who want to maximize their presence and create a powerful impact on the people they meet and work with.

What is it about:

Do you want to make the most of yourself?
Do you think you could make greater impact?
Do you want to create an image that reflects your abilities?

In this workshop, you discover how to appear confident and use a dynamic style of communication. You look at how to feel positive and self-assured in any situation. You explore ways that help you project an image that reflects your values and strengths.


What is impact and presence? What is assertiveness?

  • Gaining control: your inner allies
    Understanding yourself and identifying your strengths, values and inner motivation
    Handling the critic in you
    Managing stress
    Breathing and visualisation for focus
    Choosing your emotional state
    Dealing with criticism Handling rejection
    Developing and changing your inner dialogue
  • Showing control: impact from the outside
    Using body language
    Creating atmosphere and enjoying your space
    Creating rapport through verbal and non-verbal communication
    Listening and asking questions
    Being heard: using your voice as a powerful tool
  • Developing your personal brand: your brand image
    Identifying your brand Developing your brand identity Creating your own brand

Trainer input, group work and discussions, role simulations, feedback

Referent: Silvia Bracale M.A., C6 Coaching & Training
Zielgruppe: Studierende der JGU
Teilnehmer/innen: 20
Termine: Dienstag, 15. April und Mittwoch, 16. April 2014, 9:00 bis 17:00 Uhr