Business English in One Day

contentIn our global business environment, a great many situations may require you to interact in English: participating in meetings with international colleagues, making small-talk with foreign partners, negotiating with suppliers and clients worldwide, etc. This workshop packs into just a single day almost all major topics related to communicating in English to conduct business internationally. You will practice core and sometimes challenging work-related situations and gain some of the most helpful insights regarding: running a meeting in English, negotiating, handling difficult telephone calls, writing English e-mails and making small-talk. Along the way, we’ll address relevant principles, vocabulary and grammatical structures as well as guidelines for politeness. The exercises we do are diverse and offer frequent, spoken practice. The workshop is held in English by a native speaker, and participation requires an intermediate level of English or above.
InstructorAndrew has been conducting job-application training for university students and graduates for over 15 years. He is the former head of the business English program of the Frankfurt branch of City University of Bellevue, Washington State. Since 2002 he has managed English, Inc., a Heidelberg-based provider of business English training. He holds degrees in English literature, creative writing and business administration.
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DateMonday, October 26th, 09 am - 05 pm

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